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What is feelbetter?

A therapeutic oasis for receiving and providing mental healthcare. An interdisciplinary space for therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health entrepreneurs, feelbetter features state-of-the-art office amenities blended with biophilic architecture to maximize sensory nourishment for kids and adults.  A curated blend of retail and office, feelbetter places quality mental health front and center.

Why Glenwood Park?

Once a bustling area of cultural commerce, this neighborhood deserves mindful development and intentional investment. As a premier health destination, feelbetter seamlessly blends with Fort Worth's Blue Zone Initiative and supports the economic growth of Fort Worth’s dynamic Medical District. The rich legacy of the Historic Southside welcomes any and all who seek to better themselves and the city we share.

Spread the word!

A five acre mental health office building on the cutting edge of mental health architecture , feelbetter adds to Fort Worth’s growing options for mental health care.


Offering outpatient, IOP, and PHP in an ambulatory setting, feelbetter is a tangible symbol of mental health's importance in our growing city.

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